Cards that unlock memories and stimulate conversations

     How to Use Sweet Memories?


The questions in Sweet Memories™  range from light-hearted to serious, and they are meant to inspire fun, moving, and engaging conversations. When people have not been feeling well, or have been shut in or bedridden, they and their visitors may want to talk about many things without quite knowing how to begin. The questions in Sweet Memories™  help get you started. The cards may also inspire questions of your own and move you to discuss some other things on your mind. Take the opportunity to pursue these conversations - that’s what Sweet Memories™  is all about.

Though these cards have not been arranged in any particular order - and people may of course select a card from anywhere in the deck - it’s usually best to begin with questions that tend to evoke good feelings, such as, "What was your favorite vacation?" and "What games did you and your friends play as children?" We encourage you to introduce the more probing cards - for example, "What is the most difficult part of your day?" - when people have been talking for a while.

Sweet Memories™  is not meant to be finished or rushed through, and you may find that you spend a single visit on just one or two cards. When you use Sweet Memories™  regularly, you may even discover that the same card brings up very different kinds of answers and recollections.

So get comfortable. Take your time. Think about the person you’re visiting. And enjoy your conversations.

Step One      Select a card from the deck
Step Two Read the question on the card to your relative or friend
Step Three Listen
Step Four Converse - and share sweet memories with your loved ones

And finally: The nature of the conversations in Sweet Memories™  suggest that it may be a good idea to record them, if possible. They are surely the sort of thing that will be treasured by everyone for years to come!