Cards that unlock memories and stimulate conversations

      What is Sweet Memories?


Sweet Memories™  is a deck of 52 oversized cards that pose questions meant to inspire fun, moving, and engaging conversations among grandparents, grandchildren, children and friends.

The questions in Sweet Memories™  range from light-hearted to serious, and can prompt memories and stimulate conversations of very different sorts. Some questions are just for fun: "What games did you and your friends play as children?" Some questions will likely bring about thoughtful conversations and self-reflection: "What makes you smile when you think about it?" Some questions are more challenging and are intended to bring about conversations that are helpful and healing: "What is the most difficult part of your day?"

While Sweet Memories™  covers a wide range of events and experiences and may be used by everyone, the cards focus on people whose independence and mobility have been compromised. They are particularly beneficial for visiting nursing home residents, extended-stay hospital patients, and people who are housebound.

Enjoyable and beneficial, this special deck of cards is about the sweet times we had and the sweet times we share.