Cards that unlock memories and stimulate conversations

    Our Story


Several years ago, a very close friend of mine – who was the mother of a very close friend – began a swift decline in health, precipitated by a serious stroke. I visited her frequently in hospital and then, as she continued to decline, in a nursing home. While she had the ability to speak and to participate in conversations, she was, as is not surprising, bored, depressed, and agitated.

One day while visiting, we ran out of things to talk about and I left in a fairly short while. On my way home – and in my own agitation and frustration at striking up a conversation – I thought, Wouldn’t it be nice if there were questions that one could reach for, that one could ask the person you were visiting? When I arrived home, I began to write down some questions that I thought would be fun and interesting and appropriate for people of my friend’s age, who was born in the 1920's. As the idea matured – with the essential and irreplaceable aid of co-creator and designer Russell Stephanchick – it developed into the unique deck of cards and questions that we have named Sweet Memories™ .

The development and maturation of Sweet Memories™  was also aided by our many friends, and they figure in these cards beyond offering mere and vague 'support'. They have critiqued and advised us on layouts and photos, helped to write and re-write important passages, suggested and vetoed questions, taken our calls when the Internet has gotten the best of us, and been patient and understanding as we sought their opinion on just one more thing...

And it is also to our friends that we owe our ability to bring Sweet Memories™  to production and market, and we thank them deeply for their generous financial support and their confidence in us and in the idea.

As you may have noticed, these cards are personal and come from the lives we've lived and shared. It is not an accident that we have named our company All Together Now USA Ltd.